Dye solar cell façade at SwissTech convention center at EPFL, by Solaronix

8 04 2014

HOPV14 Conference will be celebrated at the brand new SwissTech convention center at EPFL campus in Lausanne. Here is the first pictures of the semitransparent façade formed by large dye solar cells panels, made by Solaronix. It looks great, and it produces electricity!


EPFL and the architects at Richter Dahl Rocha contracted Solaronix with an ambitious goal: to combine a technology showcase with an ornamental façade. A year later the challenge has been met. The all-new SwissTech Convention Center hosts the world’s first multicolored Dye Solar Cell façade.
This novel photovoltaic installation has been realized on the vast west side of the building. The 300 m2 installation encompasses a length of 36 meters and a maximum height of 15 meters. No less than 355 panels were installed for 200 m2 of active photovoltaic area. In order to fit with the inclination of the roof, panels from 1 m to 2.5 m were produced by grouping together two to five 50 cm modules. The panels are arranged in 65 colored columns that perfectly complement the sublime architecture of the edifice, fulfilling both the aesthetic ambition and energy awareness of the designers.The transparency of red, green, and orange panels were tuned to meet the overall light transmission target of the architects. The solar façade completes both functions: passively preventing incoming sunlight from overheating the majestic entrance hall while actively producing renewable electricity from sunlight. Mixed and matched, the arrangement of colors ingeniously designed by artist Catherine Bolle gives a unique dynamic to the façade while providing a smooth color tone to the light transmitted into the hall. The annual production of the SwissTech Convention Center solar façade is estimated at 2,000 kWh, a respectable figure given the high transparency and orientation of the façade.

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