Publications 2016 in solar fuel conversion Juan Bisquert

16 12 2016
Luca Bertoluzzi, Juan Bisquert
Investigating the Consistency of Models for Water Splitting Systems by Light and Voltage Modulated Techniques
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,(2016)



Kan Zhang, Sandheep Ravishankar, Ming Ma, Ganapathy Veerappan, Juan Bisquert, Francisco Fabregat-Santiago, Jong Hyeok Park

Overcoming Charge Collection Limitation at Solid/Liquid Interface by a Controllable Crystal Deficient Overlayer
Advanced Energy Materials, , (2016)


Maged N. Shaddad, Mohamed A. Ghanem, Abdullah M. Al-Mayouf, Sixto Giménez, Juan Bisquert, Isaac Herraiz-Cardona

Cooperative Catalytic Effect of ZrO2 and ?-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles on BiVO4 Photoanodes for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
ChemSusChem, 9, 2779-2783 (2016)


Xinjian Shi, Isaac Herraiz-Cardona, Luca Bertoluzzi, Pilar Lopez-Varo, Juan Bisquert, Jong Hyeok Park, Sixto Giménez
Understanding the synergistic effect of WO3-BiVO4 heterostructures by impedance spectroscopy
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics18, 9255–9261 (2016)



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