Solar power for electric vehicles

16 10 2010

Most of the companies developing photovoltaics have been obsessed with reaching grid parity meaning competitiveness with conventional grid electricity generation which is often highly subsidised. More recently, it has been realised that the market for disposable photovoltaics on consumer goods is at least as large and even the potential on electric vehicles by land, water and air, could be an enticing billion square meters a year, comparable to that for buildings.

See the Post by Harry Zervos: More information

Solaronix’ Dye Solar Cells for Real

4 10 2010

Solaronix has published a very interesting and detailed guide of how to make a dye solar cell.

It is a very good document describing the practical steps of DSC making and with many pictures

have a look

Reference book on dye solar cells

2 10 2010

A reference book on dye solar cells has been publisehd by CRC Press: “Dye-sensitized Solar Cells”. The editor is K. Kalyanasundaram and the book contains chapters by many experts that cover a wide range of aspects of the DSC.

We made a chapter with Fran Fabregat on Impedance Spectroscopy. When reporters in the local press asked us why the chapter is so long we said: “We (unusually) had a couple of weeks free, not too busy. We started writing and we coulnd’t stop. We wanted to explain everything. When we noticed it was becoming very heavy it was too late.”

Nonetheless the chapter gives a good introduction to IS that some people may value, and it is directly applied to the DSC. Apart from this, the book has a very good level, chapters are well written and the contents are balanced. It seems our colleagues also took this matter seriously. So I recommend the book. And if your gonna read our chapter take a deep breath first.