nanoGe September Meeting 2015 Santiago de Compostela

7 05 2015

This unique serie of conferences have been organized with the aim of offering two intensive weeks full of exciting contents.

International Conference of Fundamental Processes in Semiconductor Nanocrystals (FQDots15)

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 6-8 September 2015

Semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs), known for their tuneable electronic band structure, have been at the centre of significant interest over two decades, owing to potential application in various opto-electronic devices and biological platforms. NCs prepared via wet-chemical colloidal procedures are of particular current interest, due to cheap synthesis and scalable preparation of thin films. Despite intense research in the past decades, several basic fundamental issues are unknown. The nanoGe meeting will bring together speakers that will discuss current interest in this area

International Workshop on Ferroic Photovoltaics (FerroPV)

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 9 September 2015

Ferroelectric materials produce permanent electrical fields and show great potential for photovoltaic applications. Currently both oxide and non-oxide perovskites with ferroelectric and semiconductor properties have produced important and encouraging results, however the mechanisms of Ferroic Photovoltaics are poorly understood yet. This workshop is the first monographic meeting on this exciting topic and will unite a number of outstanding experts. The format of the meeting encourages discussion in order to promote a public analysis of the physical mechanisms and materials properties of ferroelectric semiconductors for PV applications.

International Conference on Solution Processed Innovative Solar Cells (SPINS15)

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 9-11 September 2015

The SPINS15 conference this year aims to summon world renowned experts in the fields of solution processed inorganic and hybrid thin film solar cells. This year’s conference content will make a balanced presentation in the progress of thin film solar cells with focus on Perovskite, Quantum Dot and nanocrystalline semiconductor solar cells, and Chalcopyrite/Kesterite (CZTS(Se), CI(G)S(Se)) thin film technologies as well as novel inorganic semiconductor compounds with exciting properties. The aim of this conference is to bring together scientists working in those material platforms to exchange knowledge, communicate challenges and potentially identify synergies amongst them

International Conference on Charge Transfer and Transport at the Nanoscale (CTTN15)

Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 13-15 September 2015

Unraveling the nature of charge transfer and transport processes taking place at the nanoscale is of pivotal interest for many different scientific disciplines. Furthermore, from a practical point of view, tuning charge transfer and transport through homo- or hetero-interfaces represents one of the key aspects for the further optimization of novel nanostructured-based applications (e.g. solar cells, batteries, sensors, electronics, catalyst,…). This nanoGe meeting will bring together experts from different fields in order to trigger interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations. We expect this conference to serve as a platform in order to share, advance and potentially unify methodologies and theories from different research sub-fields. Ultimately, the aim of the conference is to break the boundaries between chemistry, physics, biology and engineering concerning the nature of charge transfer and transport processes taking place at the nanoscale.




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