The risks of speeding up publication of scientific papers

31 03 2015

The process of publication of scientific papers relies on the prestige of journals that govern the peer review process. In the era in which everyone is multiply connected the editorial process is evidently affected and many changes are likely to happen in the coming years. Journals fight fiercely for getting the good papers, which increase their impact factors, as authors are eager to publish in high impact factor journals, which determines their career promotion and project winning possibilities.

Now the question is, if increasingly fast and easier pathways to publication can have the detrimental effect to increase the mediocrity of scientific production. Recently JPCL editors Kamat and Schatz commented this point in an editorial that highlights the difference between Reports and Scientific Journal. Later on, concerns were raised when a Nature Journal put in place a faster publication track–for a fee. Some people has commented that in the final limit one would have the paper accepted before submission. See the details of this story.




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