Perovskite solar cells record at 16.2%

24 02 2014

The new record of 16.2% for a perovskite solar cell has been publsihed at the NREL table. This has been achieved by Sang Il Seok, at South Korean institute KRICT, located in Daejeon.

Earlier in 2013 Seok showed an important result about modulation of the bandgap of the perovskite, by replacing Br for I in the X site of the perovskite structure (MA B X3), Nano Letters, 2013, 13, 1764–1769.

Now new solvent-engineering technology established by Seok enabled the formation of extremely uniform and dense perovskite layers, and remarkably improved the performance with high reproducibility.

With this result the perovskite solar cell continues to rise at extremely fast speed, and issues of stability and reproducibility begin to be seriously addressed by many researchers.

JB and Sang Il Seok

efficiency_chart 14 02 23




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