Record-breaking photovoltaic material

20 09 2013

Today Dr. Victoria Gonzalez-Pedro made the top solar cell in our lab ever. It is a perovskite thin film made by solution processed method, with TiO2 and OMETAD contacts, reaching 11.4% power conversion efficiency under 1 sun light irradiation. It is not a nanostructured cell. This was achieved in a few months by the team working on our group, while the former record was a classical dye solar cell at 9.9%.

Victoria perovskite 20 09 2013

Victoria shows measurement of perovskite solar cell efficiency to 11.4%, 20 09 2013

This is of general interest as it shows that the values presented by leading groups in the last months are at the reach of other labs. The perovskite solar cell is a reality that is here to stay.




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