Any questions? Arie Zaban’s electric vehicle battery stands a record distance of 330 Km

2 04 2013

Arie Zaban showing advances of nanomaterials at Bar-Ilan University research center to some interested people a few days ago…


Although Zaban is well known in the research field of dye-sensitized solar cells as one of the most innovative scientists, his latest research in battery materials is highly applied and industry focussed and has been less publiziticed .

For years, Metal-Air has been regarded as a great promise in the field of energy storage. Yet in the past decades it has failed to deliver the expected performances. Starting in the year 2000, Zaban and his research group at BIU, Israel,  overcame the technology’s main obstacles through innovative nanomaterials research, and in 2008, the technology rights were transferred to a startup company, Phinergy, for further development and commercialization.

Based on the outstanding properties of the BIU Aluminum–Air battery, Phinergy have recently demonstrated a holistic system that enables a fully Electric Vehicle to drive for a record distance of 330Km (three times the current EV distance), at which point continuation for a similar distance requires no more than a “refuel” with water to recover the electrolyte in the battery.




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