EU policies on Solid State Lighting

15 12 2011
Excerpt of te European Commission  Green Paper

SSL technologies for general lighting applications comprise LED and OLED light sources, luminaires and control gear. They produce white light in different colour tones and variations, from warm to cold white. LED lamps and luminaires integrate high-brightness LED point light sources. OLED devices are based on organic light sources (e.g. polymers) that emit light homogeneously from a two-dimensional surface and can be made in arbitrary shapes and sizes, including as transparent panels.
Lighting is an essential service for domestic use, in public spaces and other applications, from advertising panels, automotive, traffic and street lights to public offices and buildings. In Europe, professional lighting (non-residential buildings and street lighting) accounts for 52% of the total market revenues and residential lighting for the rest. Office buildings use up to 50% of their total electricity consumption for lighting, while this share is 20-30% in hospitals, 15% in factories, 10-15% in schools and 10-12% in residential buildings.
While LEDs have become available on the general lighting market as spotlights integrated in ceilings and as “retrofit” light bulb replacements, recent LED technology advancement has allowed their integration and use in far more demanding applications: street lighting, high-brightness indoor and outdoor lighting, retail displays, general merchandise lighting, etc. Shopping malls quickly followed the trend and some achieved energy savings of 60% and payback times of about 3 years. LED lighting is also appreciated in hotels where refurbishments achieve up to 90% higher efficiencies compared to previous installations. The potential for LED deployment in Europe is very large, as 75% of existing lighting installations are older than 25 years.

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